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Hi! I am...
Candice Bullard



Climate Strategy Manager

Salem, Oregon, USA

MY ROLE Climate Strategy Manager
WHERE AM I? Salem, Oregon, USA
Interface directly with clients as main point-of-contact.
Ensure project success through effective project management, including leading meetings and managing relationships.
Assist clients in identifying and finding key data to support GHG inventory efforts.
Fluent in German (lived in Germany in 10th grade).
Love the outdoors: camping, paddleboard, windsurfing, snowshoeing.
Super mom for my 5-yr old son, including soccer coach.
Lead tree-planting crews with Friends of Trees (
Bike whenever I can, otherwise drive my 2005 Prius (original owner).
Taking a Master Recycler class.
Most of my backyard is an edible garden, front yard is native plants.