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Hi! I am...
Molly Gray



Senior Account Executive

Arlington, Virginia

MY ROLE Senior Account Executive
WHERE AM I? Arlington, Virginia
Introduce businesses to our next-generation ESG software and advisory services.
Build a tailored solution for businesses based on their needs.
Collaborate with our sustainability specialists, and climate strategy managers to provide best-in-class service.
Running (road running during the week, trail running on the weekends). Would love to run a 50-miler within the next few years.
I’m vegan, and enjoy discovering plant-based recipes that are delicious and healthy.
I love hiking and exploring Shenandoah National Park.
Eat a vegan, plant-based diet, use cloth bags at the grocery store instead of plastic, vote, donate regularly to environmentally-focused charities, read to stay informed as a consumer and conscientious human being, and donate items I no longer use to individuals or local community groups who can use them, volunteering for community nonprofits that empower girls like Girls on the Run.