ESG Guidance and Answers You Need, When You Need It

ESG isn’t a solo mission. It’s a team sport where even seasoned professionals need objective guidance. Our ESG and Climate advisors are on your team — from materiality assessments, goal setting, scenario planning, and decarbonization pathways to bespoke projects such as community building and everything in between.

With experience across the agriculture, retail, food & beverage, manufacturing, energy sectors and more, our in-house advisors offer a breadth and depth of knowledge backed by our AI-powered platform.

As your needs evolve, our in-house experts offer flexibility through ongoing or on-demand advisory engagements. FiscalNote ESG Advisory helps you:

  • Guide strategy and find your stride
  • Set smarter goals and drive stakeholder alignment
  • Work efficiently by automating ESG data collection and reporting
  • Get ahead of risks and take a proactive stance

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