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From climate change to racial justice, numerous trends are shaping society today. Many businesses are aligning their priorities to help solve these challenges, instead of merely watching from the sidelines. This paradigm shift is creating a standard for operations known as environmental, social, and governance (ESG).

As of 2020, 88% of publicly traded companies and 67% of privately owned companies had embarked on ESG initiatives. Experts predict that the ESG outlook for 2022 will prompt companies of all sizes to dive more deeply into these complex issues.

Download this guide, created in partnership with the FiscalNote Executive Institute, to get insights from four leaders in the industry on these key areas:

  • Why ESG is important and what steps are needed to make it a priority
  • How ESG is structured within a company
  • Reporting structures that keep stakeholders well informed about ESG initiatives
  • How to use consultants to guide ESG strategy and reporting
  • Common ESG challenges and how to address them
  • Best practices for creating ESG processes and meeting ESG goals
  • Advice for those trying to figure out how to get started with ESG
The Executive Guide for Implementing ESG Strategies and Initiatives

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