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The resources you need to ace your first year in a new ESG leadership role!

Table of Contents

Infographic: Your 12-Month Checklist for Acing Your ESG Leadership Role

This interactive checklist provides you with a guideline of priorities at different time intervals for your first year as an ESG leader.

Your Handy ESG Strategy at-a-Glance Template

This editable, “at-a-glance” template helps organize and easily showcase your ESG objectives, focus areas, and key initiatives to improve alignment, set expectations, and effectively communicate your strategy.

Guide: 7 Steps for More Powerful ESG Benchmarking

Seven steps with expert insights to conduct a successful ESG benchmarking and discover how it can be a crucial part of your ESG, risk management, and compliance strategy.

Checklist: Features to Look For in an ESG Solution

The checklist covers seven critical areas to consider when evaluating ESG solutions, from data and reporting functionality to security and support features.