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Designed To Evolve With Your Needs

Nimble. Future-Proof.

Our core technology is built on an adaptable architecture that is designed to help you stay nimble and keep pace with the increasing rate of change within the global ESG landscape. From API connectors, and a marketplace of integrations, to a growing list of disclosures, we have your covered for your current and future needs.

Infographic with a the Equilibrium AI red bear logo surrounded by a ring, which is segmented into Environmental, Social and Governance and its corresponding categories

Open | Flexible | Scalable


Rapidly growing list of metrics across E, S, and G

Open system built for integrations connected via API

Expanding set of global disclosures such as SEC, GRI, HKEX, and more

Additional global languages added on a regular basis

Growing marketplace of integrations for plug and play (e.g. Asana for ESG project management)

Over 2M companies are available in the database for AI-powered benchmarking across all 26 SASB categories