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Advance your ESG strategy beyond compliance

In many ways, ESG has traditionally been about the following regulation—and with good reason. Globally, there has been an uptick in ESG policy interventions such as the SEC climate disclosure, greenwashing fines in the EU, and the push in Australia to integrate climate targets into law. 

However, ESG has an ever-increasing remit that goes beyond disclosures and into risk management, reporting to internal and external stakeholders, and building brand equity. Without the right kind of ESG strategy, organizations risk business growth, talent attraction and retention, and institutional investors’ support. When done right, ESG reporting can be far more than an act of compliance.

This virtual roundtable featured experts from Edelman Smithfield, Organon, Oxford Analytica, and FiscalNote ESG Solutions discussing:

  1. Leverage ESG data with a skeptical and data-fatigued audience
  2. Tie ESG metrics to business goals
  3. Move past compliance to building brand trust
  4. Plan for the short- and long-term considering global and local ESG landscape

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